We Support Recovery

Sesso Espresso’s Charitable Mission is Simple:
A cup of coffee can make a difference

With every purchase of a case of coffee in 8 12oz bags or a case of single serve K-cups (72 cups), Sesso Espresso will make a charitable donation of your choice from the drop down menu at checkout .
Case: Sesso Espresso Gourmet CoffeeCase: Sesso Espresso K-cups, 72 per case

Charitable Organizations We Sponsor

For an overview of these centers click the images below.


Market Street Mission, Morristown, NJ  CCPATERSON
Our Place Recovery, Pompano Beach, FL Comprehensive Alcohol Rehabilitation Programs <br> West Palm Beach, Florida

In 2012 the Tea Time Golf Classic raised money to support rehabilitation centers. This video captures awareness and the epidemic of addiction.