Our Story

Our Story

The History of Sesso Espresso

Sesso Family

Peter Sesso’s Grandfather came to America from Laviano, Italy in the early 1900’s. He recalls watching his grandfather, grind beans and roast his own coffee in a small oil drum in his backyard.

“The food was always great,” Sesso says, describing the Sunday family dinners at his grandfather’s house. “But everyone would look forward to his coffee that he had ground that morning. It created a conversation and togetherness.” The family would enjoy each other’s company over a delicious cup of high quality coffee.

Sesso was inspired to keep the family tradition by making his own line of gourmet coffee, Sesso Espresso. He began searching for the finest coffee growers around the world, and I finally found them.  Sesso's coffee is hand-crafted and uniquely delicious "Delivering from our table to yours, the most delectable cup of coffee.  We wouldn’t have it any other way! As Grandpa would say…Delizioso!"

Peter Sesso